My name is Charlotte. I am a qualified freelance copywriter based in Shropshire. I am SEO-focused and pride myself on producing valuable content that will actually connect with your clients, rather than just try to sell them a product or convince them to click on something. 

Deadline obsessed and ever the perfectionist, I will do all the dirty work for you and convert more of your leads into sales.



Like it or not, we’re living in a digital age where words are more important than ever. For businesses, every Facebook post, every blog entry, every word on a website should be there to entice an action. This means every word you write as a business can spell (pun intended) the difference between a new customer or a lossDon’t sell yourself short. Grow your sales, subscribers, page views – whatever it is you want, you will get more.


If you would like a chat about what I could do for you, fill out the form below or call/message on 07565 622033.